Introduction to Outsourcing

Offshore outsourcing essentially means performing some business functions in a country other than where the services are actually consumed or manufactured. It is a concept where the provider of the service is based in a different country then the buyer of the service. The basic business premise is that the organization should concentrate on their core business and processes and let other organizations manage the functions which they have expertise and experience for a number of years. It can be compared with the basic philosophy if offshoring, in which a company moves entirely to another country, or where functions are performed in a foreign country by a foreign subsidiary.

Managing the offshore outsourcing is a science and requires strong skill in project management and the good understanding of overall project management cycle. As there are two or more parties involved in the execution of various tasks and subtasks, there are well-defined procedures in terms of defining project charter, SOW etc which will help remove ambiguities and make the entire process go smooth. Typically any type of project would have different stages such as conception phase, definition phase, execution phase and operation phase. In IT S/W development, the conception phase and definition phase would aim at converting ideas into well-defined requirements clearly mentioning “ in scope” and “ out of scope items “ very clearly to avoid confusion at a later stage. This will help in forming SOW (statement of work) document which can be finally shared with the outsourced partner.

Benefits of Outsourcing:

As a part of the business strategy, the organizations would like to put more focus on their core business and try to get a competitive advantage by having the best of the IT applications as required to run your business. So, it is important to take utmost care before choosing the out souring partner and carrying out a due diligence process to select a suitable vendor. Here are some of the advantages of outsourcing:

  • Cost Efficiency – Manpower cost savings may reach up to 60 % for routine tasks as compared with in-house development as developing countries provide quality services at economical rates.
  • Substantial reduction of development time and, therefore, speed-to-market becomes a priceless advantage and gives the competitive edge.
  • Accessibility of trained IT staff – Offshore outsourcing will provide you best available resources and allow operations that have seasonal demands to bring in extra resources when you require them and release them once you’re done
  • Elastic manpower usage – By using offshore outsourcing model company cuts down its recruiting, training and operating costs
  • Change management – Can help make your organization more flexible in adapting to different business scenarios
  • 24*7 business operations: Outsourcing your non-core business to India helps in running your business 24 hrs a day. It also optimally utilizes all your business resources and helps in finishing critical tasks while your employees leave the office and go home.
  • High quality work: The strict adherence to the processes during entire SDLC (software development life cycle) helps in reducing defect ratio and meeting the end customer requirements.

Offshore Development services:

  • Dedicated & proficient resources for all your IT related demands.
  • Web Development & Designing with Web 2.0 Standards, HTML5, CSS3 & Responsive Designs using Bootstrap and Media Queries.
  • Web Application Development in PHP, MySQL, Linux, Apache, Node.js, Angular.js, Java, .Net, Ruby, Python.
  • Mobile Application Development.
  • SEO/SEM Services for Search Engine Ranking, Optimization, Link Building, PPC, Article Submission etc…

Global Delivery capabilities

Many companies throughout the world are focused on transforming themselves into global business powerhouses today; too, however, IT is also an important resource and needs to be properly managed. It primarily covers development and implementation of IT applications and the underlying technology infrastructure comprising of hardware, data resources and telecommunication network. There are too many cultural, political and geographic disparities that must be confronted for business to succeed in the global market. Our process-oriented approach to continuously improve and upgrade matches the culture of our clients, and helps us attain ever-higher levels of productivity, precision and predictability. The business analysts work very closely with the client, have a good business acumen along with a wide range knowledge of different technologies and frameworks which are used to propose the best solution. This, in turn, is supplemented with the capability of the delivery team who have 10 million+ hours of successful project delivery experience in designing scalable architecture and development. The innovative approach of the global delivery team helps the client achieve breakthrough results with minimum efforts thereby reducing the cost of the entire solution.


With over 4 years of experience in diverse industries, we can provide rapid, sustainable value to client business, while rendering you with the agility you require to get ahead.

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